What is Company Loyalty and Does it Exist in 2019
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by David Phillips, CEO

What is Company Loyalty and Does it Exist in 2019?

March 25, 2019


What is company loyalty? That’s a big topic these days. It used to be that companies were loyal to their employees and once a contract was signed, the employee stayed at the organization until they retired. However, employers realize that some of their best workers are leaving and they’re starting to figure out why. The problem is that many companies don’t know how to retain employees even if they’ve figured out the reasons they are leaving.


Today, businesses are learning the hard way that many employees aren’t happy in their mundane everyday jobs. Yes, some are, and that’s fine, but for those who want to grow professionally, they’ll stay at a job to gain experience, then move on to another position that not only pays them more but also challenges them as a professional. Corporations are re-evaluating their structure so that they better accommodate their staff and help them achieve their professional, and personal, goals while maintaining employment with the company. This way everybody wins.


So how does a company maintain its side of the bargain of loyalty with their employees? Here are a few tips below:


  1. Keep your office door open - This is an excellent policy to initiate because not only does it bridge the gap of executive and staff, but it gives the impression that you are approachable and open to your workers. Schedule time with each one and get to know them. First, as a person, find out what’s going on in their lives and if there’s anything you can do to make their life easier. For example, maybe you have a single mom or dad in your office, and they needs to leave early one day a week. Is there a way they can make up their time working from home? Secondly, learn about their professional dreams and goals. How can you help them reach them within your company? Then, develop a strategy with them to progress in the firm.
  2. Ensure that the mission of your business and the values of your staff are the same - Your employees should possess work ethics that enhance your corporation and its mission. Make sure that everyone knows why you’re in business and the essential part they play in helping you maintain your organization. This helps them see the big picture and the connection that they have with your mission and purpose. They are more likely to view themselves as part of your team than just an employee.
  3. Don’t micromanage - One of the biggest mistakes executives and managers make is not trusting the people under them. You hired these people because of their credential and competence, and that’s what your employees expect. Employees expect that you believe in them enough to do a good job and to let them do their jobs. Having a boss hover over you constantly is very distracting, stressful, and discouraging. Employers need to be “hands-off” to a certain extent, and let team members do their jobs, make mistakes, and learn from them on their own. This is how people gain self-assurance in their positions, and making errors better equips them to grow in your company too because they are learning efficient problem-solving strategies to take to any level in your organization. Let your employees go, and work together to resolve problems.


It’s a "win-win" situation when companies take a genuine interest in the lives of their employees and help them reach their highest potential, for the firm, and themselves. Share some of the things your company does to retain your loyalty...or share some things that you've experienced in the past that have caused you to look elsewhere!


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