I stumbled upon this service and hesitated for...

"I stumbled upon this service and hesitated for about ten minutes, debating whether the price tag was worth it. In the end I finally decided that it was. I was not sorry that I did! I submitted my resume, my payment and sat back waiting for the system to work. It took a few days, I must admit, but finally the phone calls started, and then kept coming, and kept coming, and kept coming! All day that Thursday, I received calls, and half the day on Friday to boot! I hardly got any work done at my real job. I was overwhelmed by all the interest! In a very short period of time, I estimate that I received at least 25 phone calls, and as much as twice as many email messages! And within six days I had a job offer I could accept! I'm now living in Nebraska (I received calls from all over the country...this is where I finally ended up), and I have this wonderful dream job! So take the plunge, people! The $$ is well worth it! "

John Darnell  - Nebraska

This service is a good way for the prospective...

"This service is a good way for the prospective client to expand his or her horizons, not only in looking for a career, but also to find out what the trends in the job market are. I have received numerous contacts since using the the service and while people are not numbers, there are mightier chances for what a person would end up wanting to do in their life.....it just gives you more choices......and isn't that what we all want?....the "pick of the litter" so to speak. The amount of leverage on the part of the job candidate is increased greatly. So, just think of the amount of money you spend on vacations, cigarettes, candy, alcohol, theatre, movies, and on and on. Why not take some time and money and invest in yourself. Think of yourself as a business and "go public" and blast your resume!!! "

Brad Monson  - Calgary

I recieved approx. 10 responses, most of them...

"I recieved approx. 10 responses, most of them within couple of days after my resume was blasted. No interview yet. I'm satisfied with the service and follow up for comparatively smaller amount of money paid."

M. Abbasi - New York

I sent out my resume a little over two weeks ago,...

"I sent out my resume a little over two weeks ago, and I've been contacted...to date...by over 40 recruiters. I feel it has given me a much wider coverage of the industry than I could possibly get on my own, well worth the cost…"

Harry Guynup - Florida

Quite an effective service! The system works very...

"Quite an effective service! The system works very quickly; I was receiving phone calls and e-mails the day after I posted my resume! An added bonus of the service was that most of its customers are recruiters, meaning my resume went even farther after it was sent. All in all, the blasting system is a fine way to learn (and quite quickly) of opportunities in your field around the country. Even if you are not actively looking for a job (as was my situation) it is an excellent way to learn what is going on in the job market, and to find exactly what you are worth as an employee... I strongly recommend it!"

Cameron Wallace  - Texas

I have been searching the web for 2-3 months...

"I have been searching the web for 2-3 months looking for IT positions, forwarding email to different companies, and receiving little to no response. WITHIN ONE HOUR of my resume being blasted, ONE HOUR, I received 47 email, 18 of which I will seriously consider. This is an AWESOME service. I will tell everyone about it!"

Wendi Stewart  - Texas
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