Who is Blast Your Resume.com?

We're #1

BlastYourResume.com was founded by the ORIGINAL creators of the PREMIERE Resume Distribution Service on the Internet. Don't Be Fooled by Imitators!

Developed by Former Headhunters

We have built an Automated Resume Distribution System (ARDS) that "blasts" your resume to as many as 6,124 recruiters located throughout the U.S. If they're interested in you for any of their positions, they will contact you directly.

Maximum Exposure & Extreme Value

At about 3 minutes each, it would take you 5,826 minutes to find a recruiter's website, get their e-mail address, and e-mail them your resume. That's over 97 HOURS. And that's assuming that you don't get shut down for spamming by your E-Mail provider. If you use one of the free email providers on the Internet, they won't let you send that many e-mails at once. This is extreme value with maximum exposure! Our Sign Up process only takes about 5 minutes.

What are my options?

Micro Blast
Minimum Exposure: Goes to
ONLY 500 General Recruiters

This basic service allows you to Blast your resume to 500 general recruiters. This distribution is NOT TARGETED RESUME EXPOSURE.
Mega Blast
with Geographical filtering
EXPOSURE with 3 Disciplines!
Goes to 750+ Recruiters

Expand your distribution by choosing 3 Disciplines and 3 Locations. Guaranteed to go to 750 general recruiters plus all recruiters that handle your disciplines and locations. Select this service and choose your disciplines and locations to estimate your distribution.
Giga Blast
with Geographical filtering
MAXIMUM EXPOSURE with 6 Disciplines!
Goes to over 5,167 Recruiters!

Your resume goes to all 5,167 general recruiters plus all recruiters that handle up to 6 Disciplines and 3 Locations. Select this service and choose your disciplines and locations to estimate your distribution. This service gives you the maximum exposure for your resume and is our best value!

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Why isn't this service FREE?

BlastYourResume.com is an online resume distribution service. You can spend hours and hours painstakingly searching out recruiters on LinkedIn or POST your resume on the Internet into a database for free and pray a recruiter will find you. The most significant difference with BlastYourResume.com is that your resume does not get posted to a database where recruiters can "happen" across it (IF they happen to enter the right search terms AND you are one of the first 10 or so listed). That's a passive job search! Instead, be PRO-ACTIVE and blast your resume DIRECTLY to recruiters!

Of course, you could work LinkedIn, tracking down over 5,000 recruiters manually and hoping they will accept your invitation. But who has the time for that? Really??? BlastYourResume.com sends your resume and profile DIRECTLY to recruiters' e-mail inboxes, saving BOTH you and the recruiter TIME!! This way, you only spend YOUR precious time talking to recruiters, setting up interviews, and hopefully landing that perfect job you've always dreamed of.

Remember this: A passive job search MAY get your resume to recruiters, but an active job search WILL get your resume to recruiters.

Where does my resume go?

Hundreds, if not over a thousand Recruiters!

Currently, we have 6,124 registered recruiters. Your resume is sent ONLY to recruiters who are subscribed to our resume distribution service. These recruiters are looking for resumes every day and anxiously wait to see their inbox fill up with hot, fresh resumes of job seekers serious about their job search. In addition, with the Mega Blast or Giga Blast, your resume will be BLASTED to each recruiter that matches your discipline and location preferences.

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How does the process work?

It only takes a few steps...

Step 1    Choose your service

Go to our Sign Up page and choose your type of blast. You can find out more about your options on our services & pricing page. We also have add-on options. Our Recruiter List enables you to see a list of the recruiters to whom we send your resume, as well as who opens it, and an option to make your blast completely confidential.

Step 2    Choose your filters

If you choose the Mega Blast or the Giga Blast, you can not only get your resume to more recruiters, but you can target those recruiters who specialize in your disciplines and locations as well.

Step 3    Upload your Resume

Fill out some contact info and upload your resume. You will also choose your subject line and provide a short summary for the E-Mail. These will incent the recruiters to open your e-mail and attached resume.

Step 4    Make Payment

You may pay online immediately after uploading your resume. Your resume will be queued for blasting shortly thereafter. We only blast during business hours to improve higher response rates.

Step 5    Monitor Blast

We provide you with our Job Seeker Dashboard which enables you to track how many recruiters to whom your resume has been blasted, how many are remaining, the ability to pause your blast (in case you are getting too many responses and want to slow it down), and also where you can review the recruiter list if you chose that option.

Step 6    Respond to Recruiters

Recruiters may start responding as soon as your blast starts, so be prepared to get E-Mail responses or telephone calls. Timing is everything so it all depends on the recruiters' needs at the time of your blast. Some recruiters may contact you weeks later. In any case, we highly recommend that once you make contact with a recruiter, connect with them on LinkedIn and maintain the relationship regardless of their current needs. You never know when they will need someone just like you!

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When should I get started?

There's no better time than the present. Below are some of the questions you should ask yourself. If you answer yes to any of these questions, then NOW IS THE TIME to use BlastYourResume.com:

Are you currently looking for a job?

Are you unemployed?

Do you just want to find out what you might be worth?

Do you want to see if there's a better job out there for YOU?

Do you have a resume?

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MORE Questions...

Still have more questions? No problem! We've compiled an extensive list of questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page. And if you still can't find the answer to your question, you can call us, toll-free, at 877-245-4921!

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