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Job Hunting

We blast your resume to make sure it gets to the most people and the right people.

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Why BLAST Your
Resume to Recruiters?

Job searching sucks, right? Who wants to spend hours and hours, filling out applications, never hearing anything back? What about posting your resume to job boards? Great! As long as recruiters FIND you.

Recruiters tend to have the BEST jobs. Most of the better jobs are not even posted on job boards. Blasting your resume gets it directly to recruiters who match your job preferences. And best of all, we provide instant feedback when a recruiter views your resume and will even send you a text message with their phone number so you can follow up directly!

In 2021, job searching is a numbers game. It's just like sales. The more people who view your resume, the more calls/emails you will get, the more interviews you will get, and the more job offers you will get. Increasing your numbers gives you OPTIONS. Don't hesitate to invest in your job search. This investment will pay off!

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• Your Resume Sent to 50 Recruiters Every Day
• Get Notified When Recruiters Open Your Resume
• Match Recruiters with up to 3 Disciplines
• Match Recruiters with up to 3 Locations
• Phone Numbers of Recruiters Who Open Your Resume
• Pause and Restart Blast at Your Convenience
• Update Resume Anytime
• Weekly Status Reports
• Cost per Recruiter: $0.04

Why Do Others BLAST Their Resume?

Quite an Effective Service!

“The system works very quickly; I was receiving phone calls and e-mails the day after I posted my resume! I strongly recommend it!”

Cameron Wallace, Texas

I Will Tell Everyone About It.

“Within one hour of my resume being blasted, one hour, I received 47 emails, 18 of which I will seriously consider. This is an AWESOME service.”

Wendi Stewart, Texas

Money I Spent Was Worth It.

“I have received 11 e-mails and 5 phone calls. I have been offered positions in nearly every area of the US. Thank you.”

Brittain Ladd, Iowa

We All Agree That Job Searching Sucks, Right?

Well, it takes some people 3-6 months to find a job. Others may find a job in a few weeks.

Our FREE trial not only allows you to try our service, but also enables you to end it as soon as you get a job.


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