How does the Process Work?

Go to our Sign Up page and choose your type of blast. With the Mega or Giga Blast you can target recruiters in the same disciplines/skills and locations in which you are interested.

On the next step, provide us with your contact info, subject line, a short summary, and upload your resume. You will provide a subject line for the E-Mail to incentivize recruiters to open it. The summary will be included in the actual E-Mail body and is intended to convince recruiters to open your attached resume.

Your next step will bring you to our Job Seeker Dashboard. From here, you will be able to review everything you have entered, makes changes if you wish, and then make payment. Once payment is made, your resume will be queued for blasting. At that point, just sit back and wait for the recruiter responses to start rolling in!

After your blast begins, you can view your the status of it on your dashboard where you can see how many resumes have been sent, pause your blast, and, if you chose the Recruiter List, you can even see the list of recruiters and even find out which ones opened your resume blast!

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Micro Blast
$49 $59
Minimum Exposure: Goes to
ONLY 500 General Recruiters

This basic service allows you to Blast your resume to 500 general recruiters. This distribution is NOT TARGETED RESUME EXPOSURE.
Mega Blast
with Geographical filtering
$69 $79
EXPOSURE with 3 Disciplines!
Goes to 750+ Recruiters

Expand your distribution by choosing 3 Disciplines and 3 Locations. Guaranteed to go to 750 general recruiters plus all recruiters that handle your disciplines and locations. Select this service and choose your disciplines and locations to estimate your distribution.
Giga Blast
with Geographical filtering
$89 $99
MAXIMUM EXPOSURE with 6 Disciplines!
Goes to over 5,169 Recruiters!

Your resume goes to all 5,169 general recruiters plus all recruiters that handle up to 6 Disciplines and 3 Locations. Select this service and choose your disciplines and locations to estimate your distribution. This service gives you the maximum exposure for your resume and is our best value!

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